Tips on Shopping for RV Insurance

This photo sure is a funny one…wish talking about insurance was too! In all seriousness, buying RV insurance can be a bit intimidating for first timers. Research is always a great first step and necessary when looking for the right policy. The goal

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 should always be to find the most coverage at the best price. An RV is classified as a vehicle and most insurers will cover it as part of an auto insurance plan. This can leave gaps in protection and a specialized policy is suggested. These policies should cover:

Total Loss Replacement

This is tailored for buyers purchasing a new RV and protects the first five model years. In the case of total loss, this plan will replace the model even in the cost of the new model is higher than the original.

Replacement of Personal Belongings

RV’s can hold quite a lot. Normal auto policies cover a limited amount of content. With an RV policy, you can specify the limit of the coverage, enabling you to insure more items within your RV.

Fulltimer Liability

This is more akin to homeowners insurance. This is used when the RV is parked and used as a residence and can cover the costs of emergency treatment and medical costs of those injured in the proximity.

Collision and Personal Liability

This is important. You should have collision coverage if you are ever planning to use your RV as a vehicle. This well help cover the cost of damages if you are in an accident. Personal liability coverage can help you when faced with a personal injury claim as the result of an accident.

Suspend Collision Coverage when in Storage

When your RV is not in use, you can suspend portions of its coverage. This will help you cut back on costs when your RV is in storage.

RV policies are not usually written with fulltimers in mind, so you will likely need to get a special policy to obtain the coverage you need. It is important to remember that you research policies from a variety of different insurance companies. You’re not looking for the lowest price, as these policies may leave out crucial provisions. You are looking for the best coverage and the best price for that coverage.

You may be eligible for discounts, so be sure to ask your insurer about what kind of discounts you can get as an RV owner.

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