The trick to interior decorating for your RV

RV Decoration TipsWhen you own a motorhome or RV, it’s just like owning an apartment or a house – except that it’s on wheels and can take off to a new location whenever you want! As is the case in traditional homes, it’s always nice to be able to decorate the inside of your RV so that it will reflect your personal taste and have more of a “home” feeling, no matter where you happen to be.

There are many ways to accomplish this goal, but it starts by determining how much time and money you want to spend on the project.

Motorhomes, like fixed houses, come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning that each one holds different decorating possibilities. The key is to have a good look at the current appearance and décor of your motorhome and identify the most important elements that need to be changed. With your priority list made (with the changes you most want at the top and the least critical at the bottom), you can work your way down to see what will fit into your budget.

You may find that with some imagination, creativity, comparison shopping, and deal hunting, you can squeeze more out of every decorating dollar and still accomplish the look you want when you’re done.

Keep in mind that if you’re truly aiming for that “wow” factor (trendy and chic), then you should expect to fork over more money and take more time to complete the look. That said, you can still create a very pleasing look with matching themes and coordinated colors without having to break the bank. Remember that accessories such as matching curtains, cushions, towels, kitchen and bathroom accessories, bedding, and lounge chairs can make all the difference to the look of the entire vehicle. And don’t forget the outside with a wonderful RV awning shade!

Cheers and hope you’re enjoying the road right now!

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