The RV Lifestyle is Growing in Popularity

The Harris Interactive group, a U.S. based marketing research firm, recently released a study showing many Canadians who currently do not have an RV

RV Parks Are Filling Up could be persuaded into a RV lifestyle change. This could mean more and more families out on the road, along with a big boom in RV park reservations, all due to a sudden awakening of the benefits to RV vacations.

According to the study, around 10 million home owners throughout the country have expressed their desires of owning an RV later on. Angele Lapointe, the spokesperson of Go RVing Canada says that a passion for lifestyle is expressed by RV owners, as they acknowledge the benefits of having an RV. He further claims that RVing is not just affordable but it also offers a fun and flexible vacation, that’s why it remains a common choice.

For the ones who were surveyed, several of them are aware of the benefits that can be derived with owning an RV which include being together with your family, health and wellness, engagement in outdoor activities and of course, the financial advantages. They too believe that RVs are environmentally friendly and is a greener travel option.

The focus of the study conducted by Harris Interactive is to dig deeper into the benefits that can be derived with travelling using recreational vehicles, as well as the insights that owners have to share. Also, it is aimed at knowing what can persuade non RV owners into buying one of their own. This being valuable industry information

Started in 1997, Go RVing Canada is an alliance that is consisted of manufacturers and dealers of RV as well as the operators of campgrounds. This acts as a representative that is responsible for informing the people about RVing benefits.

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