Snowbirds are literally feeling the cold crunch this year

With baby-boomers on the first phase into retirement and many others that have decided to become full time RV-er’s , the RV parks are seeing an influx of residents. Experts estimateTravel Tips in Cold Weather over 1.5 million American citizens have joined the ranks of the ever growing, “RV lifestyle”, but some are suffering from plumbing problems due to freezing temperatures this winter.

Many were caught off guard with the arctic blast covering most of Middle America, sending the temperatures into the low teens. This is way too low for most RV equipment and has caused many to lose their water.

Some say the only thing that can be done once a pipe is frozen is to wait until it warms up, so the best medicine for this frosty situation is going to be….preventative medicine!

Here are some tips on how to prepare your motorhome or trailer for the freezing weather:

  1. Any plumbing that’s outside your unit should be wrapped with foam pipe insulation and tapped with heat tape.
  2. Holding tanks are usually heated by your furnace but if not sure look into a tank heating pad. Easy to install and fits on the bottom of your tank.
  3. The holding tank also has plumbing to pay attention to. Wrap any exposed piping with the proper foam and heat tape.
  4. Keep gray and black water valves closed until ready to dump to avoid ice building. Also, make sure hose is at an angle, a hose support will get the job done.
  5. Also, if possible, use a heated fresh water hose

 Other things you can do inside your unit to keep the cold out is to drape a blanket between the driver area and living space. Tape up windows with insulation tape as well as roof vents. Make sure your doors and windows have good weather seals too.

You can find the above supplies at your local hardware shop. Keeping cozy is essential when traveling on the road. Scarf, mittens and the proper clothing gear is very important for all occupants as well.

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