RV life is on the move


Even though gas prices are on the rise, it isn’t deterring the sale of RV’s. Baby Boomers have revitalized the free-spiriting travelPlaces to visit in your RV adventure. It could also be that families are looking at it as a way to take affordable vacations. The statistics show that about 8.2 million households in the United States own an RV.

Almost all RV’s are American made. Indiana, Oregon and California combined, produce 75 percent of the RV’s that are made here. RV related businesses in the U.S. total more than 12 thousand, and have (combined) total revenues of over 37 billion dollars. 

Even renting RV’s is a big business. Many people want to rent them first to try them out, or drive a particular model. RV rentals brought in over 350 million dollars in 2009.  There are also more than 16 thousand public and private parks that cater to RV travelers.

Luxury RV Parks with Spa Amenities

Luxury RV Parks with Spa Amenities

There are even luxury RV resorts now; giving travelers more resort type accommodations, with golf, tennis and health spas but review each parks requirements first…some asking RV’s to be 15 years and newer.

Luxuary RV Parks with Golf Courses

Luxury RV Parks with Golf Courses

Even web sites for buying and selling RV’s are flourishing. With all of the catering going on to this crowd, there has to be something to it. Businesses that sell motor homes are also starting to use QR Codes to sell their products.

They have the little square bar codes on all the models for sale on the lot. It’s there to enhance the customers shopping experience. All they have to do is scan the code with their Smartphone, and they can find out all the specs about that particular model.  The code even has information like the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Of course, all prices will vary, and they will need to speak with a salesman, but the overall purpose is to make things as easy as possible for the customer.

When all said and traveled, RV owners have taken camping to a level never seen before…some might even argue that it’s not camping at all anymore but who cares, the open road is calling your…my…everyone’s name!

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