RV Economic Indicator

Three recent indicators were noted on the state of the current economy. One being a big surprise and one close to our heart, the RV indicator…others noted

New Motorhome Sales Up are; the Vanity indicator and the Divorce indicator. Significant changes were observed in these three factors that suggest an improvement in the economy, after the global recession that has been going on.

Recreational vehicles have increased in sales, where an escalation of 8.2% was seen this year, compared with the sales in 2010. Widely regarded as a good economic indicator, the use of recreational vehicles indeed tells us if the economy is progressing. A basic concept being…when people are buying RV’s and visiting parks, things are getting better!

As for the vanity indicator, there is an increase in the number of the plastic surgeries being done this year. Statistics say that from last year’s sale, a 5% increase occurred this year. According to the annual report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, people, especially women are more than willing to spend their money on cosmetic surgery. With the increasing number of people willing to do these procedures, it means that the economy is progressing.

The divorce indicator on the other hand indicates an increase on the number of people going through this process. Obtaining a divorce is expensive, and studies show that during 2006 to 2009, there was a 7% decrease of people who filed. This year though, divorce lawyers have picked up pace, as about 20-25% of their workload is increased.

With these three indicators that were mentioned, a noted economic improvement can be observed. As the numbers are increasing, further development should be expected this coming year. So if you’ve been thinking about taking that RV plunge or upgrading, do it now, when prices are still cheap!

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