RV Camp ground rules are getting stricter these days

RV ParksThe county of Augusta proposed a few rules for those extended-stay campers. Originally hearing something like this would make one assume we are talking about high-end motorhomes, where retired folk come to live in luxury. However, in this case, it is more towards the everyday RV camp grounds.

The main thinking behind the new rules is simple. How can you let one type of person live here but not the other? But, with that in mind, how can you properly advertise the place as the scenic tranquility that it is made out to be if you have neighbors that aren’t exactly the best.

They already have limitations, such as limiting the amount of RV’s per acre to just six, as well as limiting parks to 10 per acre. They also have rather strict rules regarding sewer and electrical hookups, that, and the extended-stay cabins come with flush toilets. Added to this, RV camp owners have strict rules regarding just what the RVers can do while they stay there together. The already have rules against pets, more often than not they aren’t allowed and they even include recreational vehicles that are more than 5-10 years old.

The original theory is that the tighter the rules, the better the people will be that stay there. Yes, sacrafice of somethings might be in order but think about it, if these rules weren’t placed, what kind of neighbors would you end up with? A camp ground with no rules is just asking for a ton of problems. By sacrificing some joys or things out of your normal lifestyle, you also save yourself from people that may cause you problems. So maybe, the pro’s outweigh the con’s.

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