RV Awning storage over the winter can help to extend its life

RV Awnings ReviewPutting them away properly over the cold months can prevent damage and save money.

The time of year is coming around again when awning storage starts to become an issue, in order to make sure that they will still be in great shape for use over windows, patios, porches, and even on RVs.

Remember that the fabric will not withstand the cold weather and snow so you have to act promptly.

Proper awning storage means that you will help to keep the fabric, as well as the other components, in tip top shape so that they won’t need to be replaced and repaired every single year. If you leave it up throughout the winter, the cold and precipitation will wear down the fabric and can even cause it to tear from the weight of snow. If it is left open, the arms and other hardware pieces can warp, causing irreparable damage and leading to expensive replacements.

It’s simple to prevent this by practicing appropriate storage techniques before the harsh weather kicks in.

Use the following steps for the best awning storage this year so that it will be just like new again next year.

• Brush any debris off the fabric and all of the various pieces of hardware.

• Check to make sure that the fabric is completely dry. If it isn’t, allow it to dry fully before storing it. Folding it away while it is still wet can cause mildew or mold to grow, which will wear down the fabric so that it will need to be replaced.

Retractable RV awning storage means that it simply needs to be rolled up as tightly as possible, up against the building. Tuck or tie any loose pieces of fabric if they have not rolled in perfectly. Once they are retracted, store them in place where they are installed. However, if you have support poles, take those down and store them indoors to keep them protected.

• Take down the overhanging valance for retractable awning storage. Make sure it is dry and store it in a dry place inside throughout the winter. Not all models have an awning, but those that do will last much longer when they are taken in over the winter months.

• Non retractable awning storage requires you to take down the whole thing. This typically involves unscrewing the mounting brackets so that it will be released from the wall.

• Any wooden rods should be removed from the frame for awning storage inside. These can all be wrapped together to ensure that they will not go missing.

One of the most important tips for proper awning storage is to make sure that all of the fabric, hardware, and other elements are kept together so that they can all be easily found again next year.

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