Retractable awnings provide RV owners with attractive practicality

RV AwningsRV owners love the benefits of awnings to improve the environment of the vehicles both inside and out, and those with the most experience will tell you that retractable RV awnings provide the most practicality as there are virtually maintenance-free features.

In fact, when it comes to maintaining the retractable awnings on RVs, the occasional wash and the regular use of the opening and closing device is all that it takes to keep both the frame and the fabric in top shape.

Cleaning your retractable awning is important not only because it allows the fabric to keep up its best visual appeal, but it also extends its life by minimizing any possible damage from tree sap, leaves, vines, smoke, and other substances that can collect in or on it.

There are only two steps to cleaning retractable awnings on an RV:Cleaning RV Awnings

• Take a broom and brush away any debris such as leaves that have collected on it.
• Use a hose to rinse the awning, making certain that the motor-end of the awning is avoided (if your retractable awning is motorized instead of manual).

If the awning is soiled, use dish soap and a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub it, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Stains that won’t be removed in this method can be eliminated using a mixture of a half cup of bleach and a quarter cup of soap combined in a gallon of lukewarm water. Over a period of twenty minutes, thoroughly soak the stain, then rinse.

Do not use a pressure washer to clean the fabric, as you risk causing damage. Unless there will be high winds, it is also important to completely dry your awning fully before you close it, or you risk allowing mildew, mold, and water stains to develop.

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