Prevention is Better than a Cure: Maintain Thy Awnings!

There are several types of RV awning, the patio awning, the fixed awning, the slide out awning, the automated retractable awning and, the roller awning. All of the above allowing time for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors without over exposure to the elements.

Now that our equipment has served us well we must return the favor with awning maintenance! For your convenience, I’ve already scoured the internet for information on this and I’ve picked out various common recommendations so, let’s start.

Tools of the Trade:

1. Use SOFT brush for cleaning stains on the awning.
2. Use mild soap and water if the awning is generally clean.
3. A step ladder will be very useful.
4. An RV awning cleaner. They come in spray bottles.

Now you know the tools let’s get down to business. Here’s another common advice, always read the manual…always, always!

Use the tools:

RV Awning Cleaner

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STEP 1: Deploy the awning.
STEP 2: Spray the awning with the cleaner and wait for an hour. While waiting check the hinges and screws for rust or other damages. If you see any have it repaired right away.
STEP 3: Deploy the awning again it’s time to wash and scrub. Gently scrub the stains and take your typical garden hose and rinse.
STEP 4: Let it dry out - storing the awning while wet will cause damage.

If the stains persists repeat STEP 2 through 4.

Things to Remember:

1. If the awning’s fabric is Vinyl it will mildew.
2. If the wind picks up retract your awning.
3. I cannot emphasize this enough: repairs for awning are very expensive so please take care of them.
4. Check your awning and its parts for any damages. Damage, no matter how little, must be repaired.

Now that’s you’ve done the hard part…sit back, relax and enjoy!

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