Motorized Awnings

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Get the best price and compare motorized awnings for your motorhome, travel trailer, pop up trailer and toy hauler. See name brands like: Carefree, A&E 9100 and so much more. We value your input! Please, let us know your experience with these products so that others can learn to shop wiser!

12-Volt Power Awnings by Carefree

 Just about every 12-Volt Awning can be controlled by anMotorized Awnings from Carefreey household member. Very easily extend as well as retract your awning simply by pressing a button. In case a storm is brewing, merely press the button and the awning easily retracts. While other individuals are usually still battling their manual awnings, unwind within the shade beneath your own electrical power awning! Carefree of Colorado offers two unique choices when it comes to 12-Volt Power Awnings. Take pleasure in the convenience of your electric powered awning at a fraction of the cost!

A&E 9100 Power Awning


The 9100 Awning extends and retracts with the touch of a button within your Camper. No need to lift the hardware! A serious plus on fifth wheels having basement storage space. Knee Action design allows the awning material as well as hardware contract with moderate wind to avoid harm, and enables you to go out either end of the awning without needing to duck your head. Enhanced equipment design provides a manual rain shield. position and pitch adjustment of up to 24″ for greater shade control.

For more information on Add-a-Room AwningsScreened Add a Room

RV awnings – No other room provides so many functions: heavy-duty reinforced vinyl fabric, heavy-duty zippered privacy sections, Universal Side Panels along with twist fasteners along with a new set-up zipper which glides effortlessly into the roller tube, enabling simple and easy , quick set-up of the front panel. The room is totally reversible, so the privacy panels can be utilized internally for convenience or the outside for the best bad weather protection. Roll up the privacy panels to get fresh air or roll them straight down to get full privacy.

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