Getting your RV ready for the winter

RV CoversThough it may seem that your motorhome should only experience wear and tear in the warmer months when it is in use, if it hasn’t been properly prepared for the colder months, it can cause varying degrees of damage.

Use the following tips to help avoid as many cold-weather problems with your motorhome as possible.

• Wash and wax – have your motorhome carefully washed and wax to remove any dust, dirt, bird droppings, sap, and other substances that could be hard on the paint and other surfaces over time.

• Use a cover – though storing your motorhome in a garage is ideal, if you don’t have indoor storage, then a cover is a good second choice. This will keep it protected from collecting the aforementioned substances once again, and will also shield it from the sun, snow, ice, and wind. Try to use an actual RV cover instead of a tarp as the vehicle cover breathes and stops moisture from collecting and causing mold and mildew.

• Protect your rv awning – carefully clean the motorhome awning and check it for signs of wear and tear in case the fabric needs to be replaced. Make sure that the fabric is completely dry before it is folded for storage in order to prevent the growth of mold and mildew that will break down the fibers.

• Drain the pipes – as is the case with your home plumbing on the exterior of the building, make sure to drain the pipes of the motorhome so that they don’t freeze and burst.

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