A seatbelt cutter can boost your odds of surviving a car crash

seatbelt cutter safety auto

We all know that seat belts save lives…

Decades of study have proven that.  However, what only a smaller number of people know is that a seat belt cutter can also save your life in the event of an accident.

Just as you put a seatbelt on every time you get in your car (and if you don’t, you should start!), it’s unlikely that you truly believe that you will be involved in an accident when you head out on the road.  Like purchasing auto insurance, you use a seatbelt just in case the worst should happen. While this is a feature that can help to keep you safe in a crash, it isn’t without drawbacks.

Depending on how the vehicle is damaged in a crash, it is possible for a seatbelt to be stuck on, causing a driver or passenger to become trapped in the vehicle.

While some people inaccurately believe that this makes it safer not to buckle up, there is actually a far better solution to this problem, which is to have a seatbelt cutter within easy reach of you at all times.  Simply drop it into the storage compartment in the door of your car and you’ll be able to grab it and cut your way free of the strap in case you should ever need to make a rapid escape from the vehicle and the buckle will not release.

That said, the same can be said about a number of different important but simple tools that can make all the difference in an emergency.  For instance if the doors should be jammed shut and no power is getting to the windows to be able to open them, you can let yourself out with a compact glass hammer that will break you out of this temporary prison.

While the hope is always that you will never have to use any of these tools, it is always best to have them available, just in case.  The issue is that it does happen to people, and it occurs much more frequently than most people realize.

Investing in a survival tool that includes features such as a glass hammer and a seat belt cutter can be a simple and affordable to save your own life in the event of an accident.  Giving one as a gift can be a great way to tell someone how much you care about them and that you think about their safety. Just make sure that you don’t just toss it into a drawer in your kitchen and forget about it.  Keep it where you’ll always know where it is an will be able to reach it if you should ever need it.

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