Thinking about getting an enclosed RV awning room?

Add a room awningsAdding enclosed RV awning rooms to your motorhome is one of the most affordable and simple ways to expand the available living space and therefore the enjoyment that you can obtain from your trailer or recreational vehicle.

Many of the more recent models of awning rooms for RVs are designed for the greatest possible ease of installation – without even needing to drill – storage, and rain water elimination. They can provide either fully screened ventilation for the most possible air exchange and “outdoor” feeling, or solid panels can provide shade and privacy if that is preferred.

These rooms can also be very attractive with skirting, stakes, and wheel well fillers to ensure that the look is finished and well designed. They’re available in a wide range of colors to suit your personal taste and the existing shades of your RV.

A good quality awning screen room will provide extra space for more comfortable lounging, dining, entertaining, tailgating, andExtend a Room for Trailers other activities. It also provides additional protection from the weather, adding some much needed shade from the sun, and shelter from light rain. It can also be a screened-in area that can help you to enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive by feasting insects.

Just as there are a tremendous number of different kinds of RVs, there is also an abundance of different options of awning rooms to make sure that you can always find exactly the product you want. They come in different colors, fabrics and sizes, as well as those with either manual or powered extension and retraction.

What you need to consider before buying an awning for your RV

trailer awningSome RV owners find that awnings really improve their traveling experience but with so many different products to choose from it’s not always easy to know what type is the most suitable for your specific RV needs, which is why it’s important that you take a few considerations into account before making any final decisions.

To begin with, ask yourself why you require an awning for your RV. Some of the reasons may include protection from the elements (i.e. sun and rain) and expanding your living space. Essentially, if you are interested in spending time outside your RV to sit and enjoy the fresh air, an awning can help keep you dry, keep you cooler and offer you protection from harmful sunrays.

Next, investigate the styles of awnings that are available. You will discover they come in different designs such as enclosed and Add a Room RV Awningopen awnings. Enclosed rv awnings provide you with cover on all sides and feature screen or fabric walls that offer you more protection from the elements, as well keep away insects. Open awnings, on the other hand, do not have walls and only provide overhead coverage.

Another aspect to keep in mind is whether or not you would like an awning that is manual or electric. Manual awnings require you to open and close them by hand, while the electric variety extends and retracts via the push of a button. While an awning with a motor certainly does have its ease of use and time saving conveniences, it is also more expensive than a manual one and can be a problem if the motor ever fails, as it will need to be fixed and trying to figure out how to work it by hand when it is broken can be a hassle.

Thus, as you can see, there is plenty for you to think about when it comes to obtaining an awning for your RV. Make sure you not only obtain the design with the features you want, but also choose the proper size and slope to ensure adequate comfort and protection.

New lighter weight trailers are environmentally better

In the quest to enter in the recreational vehicle sales market, a marine outlet in Brunswick Georgia is planning to presentEver-Lite Trailers environment friendly models in a 3 state region. RV and Shoreline Marine have included Ever-Lite Travel Trailer which noted to have possessed ComposiTek Construction that defies mildew and molds.

According to RV and Shoreline Marine owner Cleve Bennett, their customers like the outdoor and a lot of them who own boats also own RVs. His company chose Ever-Lite which is built by Middlebury, Indiana based EverGreen Recreational Vehicles LLC, because it not only looks appealing but it also comes with exceptional quality making it a great fit for their market.

The construction of the recyclable ComposiTek makes trailers twenty percent or 1000 to 1200 pounds lighter than traditional RVs. This light weight feature was attained without giving up luxury and equipment.

Interior of TrailerAs any trailer owner knows a lighter trailer has its pros and cons. The immediate drawback is the unit is more likely to sway in winds. The upside to lighter trailers is the money saved in gas and it gives consumers a wider choice of tow vehicles due to size and weight.  

Some of the other custom features include a power sunshade, pillow-top mattress queen sized made of recyclable materials, convection microwave oven, bedroom high output power fan, and black tank flush.

At the moment, for every RV unit purchased, EverGreen Recreational Vehicles LLC plants a tree under the buyer’s name. EverGreen vice president of sales Kevin Slater said that RV and Shoreline Marine have been all about providing high quality service to their clients for over twenty four years.


Manual vs Motor Awnings

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Positives and Negatives Associated with Powered Awnings

Many people are now opting for powered awnings for their campers and motorhomes due to the ease it promises of a push of the button, but are these promises empty? Is a flip of the switch all it takes or does it fall short of consumer’s expectations? Let’s explore the Pros and Cons of the powered awning for your RV before you spend the big bucks today...

Advantages: Reasons In Favor Of Powered Motorhome/Trailer Awnings are…

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  1. The obvious first reason is the carefree nature of the powered RV awning. You don’t have to run from one side to adjust to the right height. Many elderly and/or handicap people find this factor of great benefit, so if this is your situation this plus is HUGE!
  2. It’s a time saver! Especially if you’re the only one left having to set up…the rest of the family is enjoying the scenery and the precious vacation time allotted. Another good reason for this time saver is the powered awning is doing its thing while you’re setting up your table, chairs, etc. This alone can cut your set up time in half! This provides the additional benefit of spending more time to relax and enjoy family time.
  3. Instead of having to guess at the height of your awning ratio to door opening factor, it does it by itself! That’s definitely significant since it could stop an incident of door ripping awning if your judgment is off, as well as maybe even causing injury… Once you take that into mind, then it seems sensible to opt for this time saver.

The points above show the positive aspects of electric awnings. There exists a dark side as well. Here’s a discussion of some of the disadvantages.  

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Drawbacks: Reasons Against Powered RV Awnings

  1. You are relying on electronics and a motor not to fail. If you ever had powered awnings in the past you might find they work great for a while but just like everything else that’s got a self powered motor… it will need maintenance which can produce the effect of malfunction and having to figure out putting your awning down manually – which can be worse than a non-powered awning to begin with! In fact many consumers have complained about this…the motors work for a few times but then something breaks leaving you with another fix it bill. Also, another complaint has been the motor is just not strong enough to power through this procedure again and again…this is certainly a bad thing. It could be enough reason to avoid doing it at all.
  2. The cost. Usually the electric awnings are at least double the cost of the manual awnings. Get a quote on the power awning vs. manual awnings – put in the size needed and compare the two prices. Then take these reasons into consideration and see if it’s worth it to you!
  3. A do it yourself installation to an existing RV or trailer can be challenging. The final reason to avoid powered awnings is the time and money it takes to produce the same results…most opinions are the manual awnings are pretty easy to put up and down .

I strongly urge people to contemplate these factors seriously, given that it can contribute to the savings of money and worry of a future break down of equipment and if you decide to go with the powered awning…please let us know what your experience is…was it good or bad?

So that is it. We have considered and looked at the pros and cons of powered awnings for your motorhome, travel trailer and pop up camper. It’s not ideal for everyone; nevertheless,

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depending on your reasons…it certainly is great for some! You’ll want to now think about the points made above and decide if it can be best for you. Hopefully your final decision process is going to be aided greatly by the pro and con info presented here.

MOTORIZED AWNING NEWS UPDATE: Just released on November 19, 2010 – Approximately 4,600 motorized awnings imported by Somfy Systems Inc. have been recalled. The awning motor’s power cable can be severed while the awning is opened or closed manually, causing a potential threat of electrical shock. No injuries have been reported. The recall involves the Sunea CMO RTS motor used to operate retractable awnings, model numbers 525A2, 535A2 and 550R2. “Somfy” is printed on the motor head. It was sold at awning dealers and retailers nationwide from December 2009 to September 2010. Details: Call 800-637-6639
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